Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?
From: Linium (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 00:12:30 EET

Le Dimanche 8 Décembre 2002 22:24, vous avez écrit :

> Matlab (or Octave? Yikes!!) to make music. Heh, I feel pitty for the guy
> that actually did it -- it must have been pure hell to describe music in
> mathematical terms.

I would say it is great to have the both. Obviously.

> Right now, ACID 4 supports ASIO, DX, VSTi softsynths, midi I/O, routing in
> and out on anything available by your hardware, effects automation.... give
> it a score support and will beat anything hands down (maybe we'll see that
> on version 5?).

That's true Acid seems to embrasse very simple midi scoring even in the 4.0
version and there is softsynths.
In my precedant post to Patrick i said acid is kind of a multitrack editor,
it is much more than that now. So i agree Acid can be taken as an all-in-one.
I was a little wrong in my answer. Although i would be very happy to have
only the audio editor which is the historic base of acid, and where belongs
its specificity imho.

>...the problem is that we don't have that much to
> put on that big "rack" that JACK provides us. Or, at least, we don't have
> much of it working the way ACID does.... "painting" music.

That's it. BTW it should be noted that JACK is more or less a clone of Rewire
that exists for years under Windoz, another Steinberg innovation although
Rewire work only for the apps that comply to the (not-open ?) standard.
(i guess).

> be long gone. Yes, you've guessed right, CSound would be completely useless
> for me. Call me dumb, but I simply can't "connect" to this way of thinking.
> I've done my share of perl programming so I'm not a complete "virgin" in
> the coding area. Yet programming and artistic expression have no sharing
> fields in my mind. And I don't think that I'm alone on this one.

I jump on this comment from Gerasimos, in fact i am very happy to be able to
return to a classic midisequencer like Muse. I was a great fan of Logic years
ago. Then i got interested in Csound, in the same time in Linux and lost
interest in big sequencer.
Theses day i still use PD to make musical algorythms but MusE is my way to
gather the audio tracks with some midi parts along too.
I couldn't do a song purely in algorythm. :))
Concerning Csound i don't use it much, but it is great to be able to
integrate it. Even if rarely, to make weird textures for instance.
In fact on a musical forum website some other people have started a thread
about Csound and i have seized the opportunity to reinvest some interest into
Csound thru a starting collective project... I am quite happy... in fact we
want everything... ;)

Linium (who really have the impression to speak english as "feu" the
commandant cousteau ;))) let's say it's just an impression...


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