Re: [linux-audio-user] Gentoo users?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Gentoo users?
From: Jonathan Kraut (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 19:15:08 EET

> Jon Ellis wrote:
> > Jack, Ardour and Alsaplayer are now all building. The relevant bugs,
> > with ebuilds attached, are:


> Patrick Harris wrote:
> There are a few people attempting to make packages available but they
> seem to have started in earnest only in the last two weeks. Is this a
> phenomenon we are witnessing pre winter/summer vacation?

Gentoo has had ebuilds (don't know if you know gentoo, but an ebuild is a script that downloads, compiles from source, and installs a package) for ardour-cvs in its unstable tree for almost two months now (since Oct 24). Jon is just updating the script to require current jack-cvs, rather than jack-0.34.0, and to allow for an easier compile with the ksi issue.

> There is a case to be made for having the packaging systems working
> correctly before the release is made to ensure a smooth transition.

Especially true in a sources-based distro like Gentoo, where everything is compiled from scratch.

> If you are doing this then consider promoting it only to some testers
> not the entire community and especially not to newbies who could become
> put off your methods when given a chilly (though hopefully not
> offensive) reception by other users on these lists or conversely when
> told the only way to get help is to upgrade to cvs. This wouldn't
> exactly make Gentoo look like it is built with the community spirit and
> I wouldn't like people to get that impression of the project.

And hopefully not too chilly! :-) And anyway, given the fact that Ardour has been available to Gentoo since late October, if it hasn't been an issue before, why would it become one now?

As to testing, since ardour-cvs is masked in Gentoo (meaning it's not part of the stable package tree) the user has to specifically request unstable packages to compile it. Also, the ebuild always grabs the current cvs, so people can easily update every day (a matter of "su; emerge ardour-cvs", after turning the unstable "switch" on, is enough to download and recompile.) And it won't be marked stable from the gentoo point of view until _after_ its initial release by pbd et al.

And yes Gentoo tries very hard to stay current, but isn't that the whole point of grabbing the up-to-minute CVS of Ardour?

Bye for now.

Jonathan Kraut (current email) (life long email)

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