[linux-audio-user] Soundcards & preamps [a bit OT]

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] Soundcards & preamps [a bit OT]
From: Sampo Savolainen (v2_AT_iki.fi)
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 10:54:06 EEST


This is rather off-topic, but it also crosses over to Linux compatibility. I
have a long standing head-scratching problem. I've been pondering over the
question of microphone preamps and soundcards.

I have a quite portable home-computer (a shuttle box + delta44) which I use
for recording. I do recording for our band, so my computer visits our
rehersal room quite often. The problem is that because I need preamps for
the microphones, I need to take my quite mixer with me, which means a lot of
unwiring an wiring plus it's heavy. I would like to be able to just go.

I could buy a second mixer, but I would like to have 'proper' preamps. A
mixer is full of all sorts of stuff, which I really don't need. I wouldn't
like to pay the price for a mackie just for the pres. For the money I could
buy better pres.

I could buy a (almost) proper preamp, like two M-Audio DMP3:s or Tascams
MA-8, maybe even TL audio 5001. I can't afford the real preamps, my price
range is somewhere below 500. (But I could end up carrying it to and from
the rehersal room, because I'd like to fiddle with it at home.)

Then there is the option of having the preamps in the sound card itself. I
need more than two, so the Omni I/O is out of the question. I just found
about the Terratec MIC-8 (http://produceren.terratec.net/product.php?pid=9).
It's well out of my price range, but it has 8 inputs, so it would also be a
nice soundcard upgrade, so it _might_ be a good investment. But of course,
there would be a lot of unwiring/rewiring...

Does anyone know is this card supported by Linux? Is it just a better
break-out-box for the EWS88? Are there other cards like this I should look
at? (perhaps a bit cheaper?) The most beautiful part about this card is the
headphone jack.

And last, the most important question: Do you have other options, how have
you dealt with the studio-on-the-go problem?


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