Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: Note tuning and quantizer in audio files

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: Note tuning and quantizer in audio files
From: R Parker (
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 23:46:26 EEST

Hi Alastair,

--- Alastair Couper <> wrote:
> The technology is interesting, to be sure. But what
> does it say about the
> state of artistry these days ?

The current state of artistry compared to the 1940's
and 1950's jazz scene is probably fritening for any
player that was part of the bebop jazz era. I, like
you, definitely subscribe to the school of music that
demands mastering an instrument. It can't be any other
way for me but that's my values.

In my professional reality, people pay me to make them
sound great and I do my best. Numerous drummers have
said, "Make me sound like Jon Bonham." Of course I
could respond by saying, "sit down at my kit and let
me hear you sound like him and when you do, I'll make
you sound like him." Because the truth is, you either
do or don't.

Many of us need to play an instrument for 10 years
before we begin to sound similar to anyone for whom we
aspire. Until I achieve that degree of compentency,
audio engineers can fix my slop. Why shouldn't they? I
don't want to pay good money for a studio product that
makes for a painful listening experience. And I don't
want to wait 10 years before I can record or perform
my songs.

Most of us would never perform if we had to pass a
test to recieve and carry a musician license that
proves we're on a level with David Crosby, James Brown
or whomever Tipper Gore and her church lady planning,
tea toddler friends decide we should sound like. None
of us needs any type of license to love making the
music of their choice. Frank Zappa stood up for the
right of free speech which includes our god given
rights to autotune, pitch shift and quantize. hehe Or
was Frank a hypocrite? Should I forever refrain from
expressing my stupidity?

Alastair, honestly, I share your exact sympathies.
Which is why I practice L, R, L,L, R, L, R,R and a
handful of the other 25 drum rudiments every day--I
want to be a better singer and song writer. Don't ask!


 I recently read an
> interview with David
> Crosby, decrying the rise of autotune plugins and
> the like. He spent his
> energies on learning to sing on pitch. These days
> performers don't need to
> sing at all, they just mouth tracks that were
> autotuned in the studio. And
> another interview has James Brown saying: don't use
> a drum machine, learn
> to play the drums. The best music comes from the
> mastery of an instrument
> or vocal skill, not from editing.
> I have watched as I try various tools to bang my
> playing into shape, and
> am finally deciding that this is the wrong way to
> go. Spitiual death is
> around the corner. Live music is best. Music is
> meant to be PLAYED after
> all, not worked. Or worked over.
> A minority opinion from a nobody. Given the state of
> the "industry"
> though, it's going to be like Photoshop for audio,
> where there is no
> physical point of reference anymore, and anything
> can be morphed into
> anything.

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