Re: [linux-audio-user] Soundcards & preamps [a bit OT]

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Soundcards & preamps [a bit OT]
From: R Parker (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 17:02:03 EEST

--- Christophe Vescovi <> wrote:
> R Parker a écrit :
> >
> > FMR looks interesting. Have you worked with their
> > stuff?
> >
> Not personally. As I said this stuff is very
> difficult to find in
> Europe. If you google in the newsgroup
> you will find
> several opinions of the RNC (compressor) and RNP
> (preamp).
> > FMR isn't the only option for affordable high end
> > preamps. Check out the do it yourself (DIY) preamp
> > kits at
> >
> Interesting, but these are different beast, I think
> the hamptone pre
> must be much more colored (transformer, two stage
> jfet amplifier) and
> less versatile,

I'm curious, could you explain what you mean by a lack
of versatility?

Reguarding "color", audio engineers purchase for it.
The difference of sound quality between Avalon, Neve,
Focusrite, Soundtrac, etc is obvious and I want them
for their distinct qualities.

I suppose a signal path that I might not want to color
could be hardware based mastering. Although, that
woudn't be a rule in my book. Well, there's many
examples of signal paths that might be best served
with colorless preamps. I could see having a couple
colorless preamps but my Avalon and Soundtrac are both
very colored and I use them with many rooms, mics and

I've never listened to a Hamptone and that's probably
one of the reasons I haven't tried them. The price is
right and when I read his article the things he stated
made sense to me. However, unlike yourself, I'm not an
electrical engineer so my ability to detect warning
lights within the specs is pretty limited.

 but it can have an interesting sound
> in some situation.

The model I'm curious about is the HVTP2: 2 CHANNEL
take on that model?
> You can find a lot of DIY audio stuff, but you need
> time and skills ...
> I have skills (I am an electronic engineer) but not
> so much time !!

I think Cocoa the gorilla could be trained to assemble
the kit I looked at which means I might qualify. :) I
don't have the testing gear but Hamptone tests the


> Christophe

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