Re: [linux-audio-user] hardware recommendations?

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Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 07:38:02 EEST

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 10:26:39AM +0700, ainion wrote:
> Hello there. I would like to know which AMD mainboard and which sound
> card is recommended for a small home recording outfit? Basic recording

anything on the market from a reputable co should do. no probs here with gentoo on a sn95g5+a64_3200+SATA+EchoAudio

> projects will be vocals, guitar and keyboard. Although RME Hammerfall
> and M-Audio Delta are ideal, the budget can't reach that level. I'm
> looking at sound cards between high-end pro-audio at the top and
> consumer grade at the bottom, somewhere half-way. I'm not a purist and
> at the same time 2 channel inputs and 2 channel outputs are limiting
> creativity. Four I/O will be comfortable and 8 I/O will be excellent but
> not necessary.
> Hard disk drives and controllers. My last experience with SATA was
> unpleasant. Our local supplier is pushing mainboards with SATA support
> as an alternative to SCSI. Issues were mostly at the controller side and
> I never resolved them. Will SATA be any good?

yep. just get your drive from Samsung or Seagate, unless youd like it to make annoying sounds..

renoise: i guess you already have a dampening enclosure / seperate room? a Pentium M Shuttle (SD11g5) has all the usual stuff (AGP/PCI/2xSATA-RAID) but with and external fanless psu, and an internal fan activated "if/when needed", i guess i'd be looking into whether or not the fan would come on under normal recording load, but you can surely disable it via software or unplugging, if you want to live on the edge w/ just the heatpipe..

theres also silent mini's from AOPEN but they dont have AGP slots, and AFAIK firewire and linux-audio are still not allowed in the same sentence..

> Thank you in advance.
> ainion
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