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From: e. j. branagan - the MUSE <laug@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 08:39:15 EEST

LinuxMedia wrote:

> Dave,
> Before my suggestion... just a quick note of moral support... Please
> don't let it get you down too much. Think about all the may times
> there's a (seemingly impossible) problem and how it always works out
> in the end. And we all seem to learn so much from these things.
> Ok... So... It's not the mother board... It's not the Power supply.
> You're getting there. How about buying new ram, putting the old ram in
> static safe packaging. If the problems go away... Then you only paid
> for ram. Beats buying a whole system.
> And as people mentioned, not all memtests detect bad ram anyways. So
> if problems still occure with new ram, you now have extra ram. I have
> tons of "parts" and many times have been able to use some later. If
> the (old) ram proves good, maybe you can use it for a machine you're
> building for a friend, (or your next machine). Same with Hard
> drives... replace... test... and if problems still occure, you now
> have extra drives (I'm not helping am I... hehe). You can save tons of
> money by building a system from scratch. So extra drives and ram are
> good in that way.
> Btw... I see they have "cases" for IDE drives to convert them into usb
> drives. Don't know if you have a use for them, but I use them to back
> up drives. This is good because they aren't connected to computer (so
> electric storm can't fry your back up drive). I have two so that
> there's always one that's not hooked up to the computer. Haven't tried
> the IDE/USB "cases", so I can't vouch for them.
> It's amazing what could cause a problem. My brother tore my sister's
> machine apart and replaced "this" and "that" and after all, it was the
> bad sound card that was causing (both) windows (and) linux to crash.
> Prior to that, I had no clue a soundcard could cause 2 OS's to crash.
> And now (for instance) if I hear a soundcard making weird sounds, I'll
> know to watch for weird system behavior. So at least we learn things.
> I've had 2 Maxtor drive fail on me. I will never buy Maxtor drives again.
> Good luck
> Rocco
I had similar sounding problems with 3 P4 machines I brought up on
Fedora Core 3; they froze up so bad in X, I couldn't get apt to download
upgrades successfully. After bringing the machines up in run level 3,
doing the apt-get update/upgrade, etc. and loading the FC3 Planet CCRMA
kernels, and software the problem went away.

In my case I was sure the problem was not hardware, since FC1+Planet
CCRMA would still run stabily for days at a time, whereas FC3 straight
off the ISO would always freeze up in less than an hour.

If your running a 2.6.9 or earlier kernel, I'd try upgrading.

e. j. branagan
the MUSE  Nashville, TN
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