Re: [linux-audio-user] demudi install confusion

From: nescivi <nescivi@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 14:04:11 EEST

Hello Greg,

Saturday, June 25, 2005, 8:27:38 PM, you wrote:
G> I've been lurking since I decided to install demudi on my xp system.
G> So far I've cooked my XP install twice in the process... I've checked
G> FAQs and other guides and no luck yet. Here's what I'm doing.
G> demudi 1.2.0 iso, using the default installer
G> I run linux26 dmraid (SATA drive)
G> partitioning:
G> 15gb XP ntfs
G> 2.5gb linux swap (aside: is this too big or should i go by the 1.5x
G> rule and do 3? I have 2 gigs of ram)
G> 4gb " / " partition
G> 150gb "/home" partition
G> everything but the xp partition is a "logical" partition.
G> Now, I want to be able to keep XP's MBR intact. The first install i
G> totally goofed. The next time I tried to get it to install GRUB to a
G> floppy, I couldn't figure out if I should use /dev/fd1 or /floppy or
G> what and it just hung. Now I've read that once everything's groovy
G> it's not too complicated to make a linux boot instruction to add in
G> xp's boot.ini, but I need to get this up in the first place.
G> So...
G> 1. are these good partition sizes?
G> 2. is there a good install guide that talks about using the default installer?
G> 3. is there a better way to install demudi / how can I do what I'm trying to do?
G> thanks hope this is list-appropriate etc.

One thing you have to be careful about is to properly resize the NTFS
partition. I am not sure whether the Demudi installer does this
properly automatically.
If not, there is a Gentoo live cd with a nice version of QPartEd that
enables you to partition your disk properly, using the ntfsresize
This problem may very well be the reason you cooked XP...
it happened to me also and I had to find out the hard way too...

Why do you specifically want to keep the MBR of XP?

With GRUB it is perfectly possible to have a Windows XP entry for
booting that OS, and Demudi automatically puts an entry for this in
the Grub menu file. During the install it says something like "I found
these other OS'es on the hard disk. Do you want to make entries for
them in the Grub menu?".

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