Re: [linux-audio-user] "Music" made with Linux!

From: Wolfgang Woehl <tito@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 14:51:07 EEST

Mario Lang <mlang@email-addr-hidden>:

> I recorded three tracks of maultrommel (Jaw Harp). Using headphones,
> I monitored the mic output directly, and had a metronome beeping away
> in my left ear. The first track was a fairly steady beat-like track.
> The rest was imporived on top of that. In fact, this is the
> realisation of an idea I had years ago, to use a maultrommel as a
> synth-like instrument for pseudo-techno. I will probably add a
> didgeridoo into the mix, and do it all over again with the windows
> closed and the tv off :-) sometime soon...

Mario, nice, maultrommel is just great. Have you btw ever played with
freewheeling ( It is completely
keyboard driven and gives you *very* direct access to looping

The GUI is quite beautiful but not needed for anything really. Latest
version (0.5pre4) has a problem with saving single loops but saves the
whole audio fine (keyboard "Print"). 0.5pre3 is ok with saving single
loops if you need that for editing somewhere else.

Thanks for your track, Wolfgang
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