[linux-audio-user] Using Linux as Bass amp

From: Christoph Eckert <mchristoph.eckert@email-addr-hidden-online.de>
Date: Sat Jul 02 2005 - 17:19:12 EEST


I just ordereed an electric bass (passive). I'd like to
directly plug it in into my soundcard and to use Linux as an
amplifier (and record it to ardour, of course).

As I'm not yet familiar to basses and guitars yet, I wonder
what I should use for the bass. There's creox, but it's a bit

OTOH, I thought jack-rack could be my friend. If so, which
LADSPAS can I use in conjunction with a bass? I guess (but I
do not know) that a compressor can do a great job. There are
several LADSPAS for it, so if anyone has a working setup I'd
be glad for some hints.

Thanks & best regards

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