Re: [linux-audio-user] simple usb audio question?

From: Frank Barknecht <fbar@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 10:35:01 EEST

Dylan McNerney hat gesagt: // Dylan McNerney wrote:

> This is probably a very basic question, because all references to usb
> audio seem to relate to quality, rather that getting the device working,
> but I'm new to linux. Currently I can't capture from or play to my
> Edirol UA-25. I assume it is in conflict with the onboard soundcard
> which is an nForce3, but don't know which modules to remove, etc. I
> tried taking out the snd_intel8x0 driver, but then mixers didn't find
> anything at all. The device seems to be recognized in the sense that
> the Suse control center sees it as a midi controller, and I tried to add
> it as a generic usb audio in YAST, which seems to have put it at hw [1].

Then you should be able to use it, if you tell your applications to
use the device hw:1 instead of hw:0, which is, where the other card
is. You can find out, which cards you have using "cat


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