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From: Steve D <groups@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 18:03:34 EEST

On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 08:49:32AM +0200, Thorsten Wilms wrote:

> [...]
> I especialy like the flute and the way it works with my bell like sound.
> Could you please make your additions available as separate files (I asume
> you recorded to audio directly, no MIDI)?
> [...]
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Sure, Thorsten-- I uploaded all the individual tracks to:

Yes, I recorded everything live as digital-audio this time. However,
sometime in the future I hope to record everything as MIDI first (using
Muse or RoseGarden4 probably), for editing purposes (it's a pain to
re-record digital-audio if one makes a mistake ;-)

Please be aware that each separate track is padded with silence from the
beginning of the piece up to the point at which the individual track
makes an entry into the mix. Therefore, if you download a track from the
above URL and can't hear it (at first), you will have to "fast-forward"
to the approximate time in the piece that the part makes sound. This is
easy to do if you open the file in Rezound, Audacity, Sweep or Ardour
and look at the waveform of the file.

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Notes for anyone who may be interested--(and listening to Dave
Phillips's "Talkin' 'bout the Weather" and "Lazy Moon" (for the
hundredth time), Spamatica's "Norma" and Tim Hall's "Samsara" as I type

I imported Thorsten's breakbeats file into Audacity. I then recorded
my additions each into a separate stereo track in Audacity using my
outboard gear, listed here:

I added a few fade-ins and fade-outs to individual tracks, then padded
each track with silence from the beginning of the recorded audio back to
the beginning of the piece. I did this so that when I later exported the
individual tracks, their relationship to each other in time would be
preserved. Otherwise, when I later imported each file into some other
program, each would begin at zero and all the parts would sound at the
same time, rather than in sequence.

I exported each track as a .wav file, then quit Audacity and launched
Jamin and Ardour (I'm becoming very fond of both!). I routed all the
tracks to Ardour's master outs (left and right), and then routed those
two master outs to Jamin. I created a new stereo track in Ardour and
routed Jamin's right and left outs to that Ardour track, as well as
simultaneously to two ALSA PCM playback outputs, so that I could play
all the tracks and fiddle with the mix and with Jamin's controls--

--- ---
note: *thank you,* Ron Parker, for offering your excellent information,
advice and tutorials about mastering on the 'net!
[among others]
--- ---

--when I was done playing with track volumes and Jamin's controls, I
record-enabled the new empty stereo track in Ardour, clicked the master
Record Mode button and then the Play button to get the tracks rolling.
Ardour fed it's output to Jamin, and Jamin fed its altered result back
to Ardour where it was recorded onto the new track.

I then exported that individual stereo track from Ardour to a .wav file
and encoded it into OGG at the command line with oggenc, tagged it using
the "File Info" function of xmms (which allows one to edit OGG text tags
and save the edited tags with the file), then uploaded the .ogg version
to my webspace for anyone to hear.


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