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From: Dave Phillips <dlphillips@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jul 09 2005 - 20:45:24 EEST wrote:

>On Sat, 09 Jul, 2005 at 11:07AM -0400, Dave Phillips spake thus:
>>Someone else mentioned that the guitar sounds too clean. I'd say its
>>problem is its lack of expressive technique, it's a major problem for
>>any sequenced guitar tracks. The guitar is normally played in such a way
>>that most notes receive some sort of expression from the player, usually
>>a finger vibrato or some other slight pitch variation (bends,
>>glissandi). These articulations aren't impossible to program, but they
>>do take time and detailed effort to make the part sound realistic. Of
>>course, if you're not going for realism there's no problem. :)
>I have a track called creamcheese
>( in which I
>tried this. I like the sound, but it was fiddly. Have a listen, it's
>towards the end, when the guitar starts to bend (try 3m30s).
Yes, I've listened to this piece already. Sweetly done, and I say again
that your mixing is very nicely done.

The guitar sounds more natural up to the point of the bends. To my ears
the pitch bends result in a sound more akin to the pedal steel than to
the regular 6-string electric. It's a little too smooth to sound like a
fretted instrument or even a slide guitar. Perhaps the p-bend resolution
should be coarser ? Just a thought...

Like I said, really convincing results are tough to achieve for
instruments like the guitar or an alto sax. Each note gets some kind of
micro-expression, it's the despair of those of us who occasionally aim
towards the realistic effect.

[re: Blatter book]

>Just checking amazon - do you mean A. Blatter?
That's the one. Sorry, I'm not at my place, didn't check the author on
the 'zon.

So, more music, si vous il plait. :-)


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