[linux-audio-user] Python & ALSA --- documentation

From: Peter Brinkmann <brinkman@email-addr-hidden-berlin.de>
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 04:22:23 EEST

Atte, Iain, Tim, and everyone else who's interested in Python and ALSA:

As promised, I've put together some documentation of my Python bindings
for the ALSA sequencer API. You can find the new version at

The module pyseq.py is the heart and soul of the package. I've added
a simple MIDI file player, midiplayer.py, as a tutorial that shows most
aspects of the bindings in action.

The package also contains a number of other applications built with
the bindings. Most of them are pretty straightforward, except possibly
MidiKinesis, which I presented at LAC 2005, and the new module
leierkasten.py: That one receives control change messages from, say,
a MIDI controller keyboard and converts their rate of change into
MIDI tempo messages. The MIDI file player, midiplayer.py, pays attention
to incoming tempo messages, so that you can plug leierkasten.py into
midiplayer.py in order to create a virtual hand organ.

Any feedback would be appreciated; questions are always welcome.
All the best,
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