Re: [linux-audio-user] Mac? Linux PC?

From: cdr <ix@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 01:58:00 EET

> linux will run great on the macbooks in short order. My iBook G4 is the
> best linux laptop I have ever laid eyes on.

i still tend to prever my MS-1013 over an iBook. why? Metal vs Plastic, Turion vs G4, 2 mouse buttons, pageup/down keys, no OSX Tax, and top of the line components instead of entry level for the $999. but to each his/her own..

> I also love OSX, but not for
> audio.

why not? i usd to talk shit aobut OSX, mainly because it was slow on my G3. but they were the first with an on-GPU GUI, which was 90% of the resource usage. linux will maybe have this ironed out by about 2008, but of course there will praobly be forks/camps around DE lines, proprietary-driver-support biases etc.

as for audio - windows users are stuck with a turd of an internal system that was bypassed by Steinberg under the name ASIO. Linux is in a similar situation - theres the gstreamer apps, and the JACK apps. id argue for merging of gstreamer and JACK so that we can finally get what CoreAudio has had for years. but clearly the two sides havent shown much interest in merging their efforts.

i'd say there are a few advantages to the 'Dictatorial' approach to Apple's software design. especially when theres a lot of talented engineers around (thanks high hardware margins!) to put it all together..
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