Re: [linux-audio-user] Blue snoball USB mic

From: Nick Copeland <nickycopeland@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 17:48:10 EET

>I was thinking of looking at my alsa config to link the two cards there,
>but then if I did that would Jack recognize that setup? Or would it only
>have the option of one card or the other?

Jack quite reasonably does not want to support multiple sound cards. There a
issues of synchronisation between two cards as clock skew of as little as
one sample per second becomes and audible delay after a few minutes - with
an application that targets sample level accuracy that is untenable. No two
sounds cards are going to give the same sample rate, so this issue is going
to appear whenever multiple cards are used.

A few audio devices to allow for this with synchronised or master clocks,
but these are not what you would call inexpensive apparatus. PC sound card
rarely have a clock input or output to allow for this kind of chaining.

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