Re: [linux-audio-user] Specimen and 64 bits software

From: Mark Knecht <markknecht@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Mar 18 2006 - 00:51:42 EET

On 3/17/06, cdr <ix@email-addr-hidden> wrote:
> On Fri Mar 17, 2006 at 09:31:52PM +0100, Yves Potin wrote:
> >
> > Hello.
> > I'm about to switch from Debian Sid 32 bits to Gentoo 64 bits. I
> > have noticed ( ) that
> > Specimen isn't provided as a package in Gentoo 64 bits. So I have two
> > questions :
> > - Does the source code of Specimen compile and permits a normally
> > usable Specimen under a 64 Bits OS ? (and, if it's the case, does anybody
> > know why there's no gentoo package ? Lack of interest from any developper
> > or something, as quite any other audio apps seems to be avalaible under
> > gentoo ?).
> grep KEYW `equery which specimen`
> KEYWORDS="-amd64 ~ppc sparc x86"
> since its not just lacking amd64 entirely (this only seems to happen for obscure ruby packages), and has a specifically negative amd64, this means its broken. a quick run to, and search for specimen, reveals some updated ebuild for 0.5.1, and a comment: #-amd64: 0.4.5: int/pointer casting.
> if you want to try installing it anyways, nano `equery which specimen` and change the -amd64 to amd64, emerge --digest specimen, and if it works, make a comment on the bug report that its fixed on amd64 (you proably want to grab the 0.5.1 ebuild before doing this)
> > - If I setup a 32 bits chroot under Gentoo 64 bits as it's
> > documented here :
> > (
> > ), will Specimen be usable just as a normal jackd-enabled software, with
> > jackd running in the 64 bits environment ? More generally, when
> > encountering an audio software which cannot run in 64 bits, how does it
> > work with 64 bits jackd ?
> 64bit jackd can not talk to 32bit apps, afaik. you could run a 32bit jackd, and link with the other via UDP. or try the ALSA-lib plug:jack, or try using it in 64bit mode and figure out if theres any bugs ( SClang and PD would both require significant rewriting to work on 64bit mode due to their "VM"-y nature that expects ints to be the same size as pointers, but most everything else works fine )
> > Thanks in advance for any enlightenment :).
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Y.
Or possibly run Specimen in a 32-bit chroot. I have a complete
chroot'ed environment on my Gentoo 64-bit machine so that I can run
all the win32codec and Flash stuff necessary to exist on the web these
days. Much, much, much web content doesn't work with Linux 64-bit
machines but works great in the 32-bit chroot.

NOTE: This is not trivially easy to deal with all the time, but it
does work when you need it to. I am also working to make my machine
dual boot, 64-bit and 32-bite, so that I can evaulate different
VMWare/Parallel's type solutions.

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