Re: [linux-audio-user] A couple of questions

From: Dave Phillips <dlphillips@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 17:57:34 EEST

John Mulholland wrote:

> Some of you may know me, I have posted in the past but have not had
> much time to devote to FOSS music lately. I hope to find more time
> soon - catching up on all the LAU mails is going to take quite a while.

Hi John, nice to hear from you again. :)

> 1. Is there anywhere non programmers can suggest an application to be
> developed? I am sure there are many non programmers with great ideas
> lurking on this list.

Why not this list and the LAD list ?

The biggest potential problem: Many ideas, not so many programmers.

> 2. Sometime ago I registered It is very out of
> date, and a bit shabby really. I was hoping to turn it into a simple
> listings site for newbies. Perhaps have LAA mails autoposted. Anyone
> have any ideas what to do with it?

I like the notion of posting the LAA mail.

> 3. I have been chatting with Gianluca who runs openjay about the idea
> of putting together a little award or prize for the LAU community.
> Perhaps for the years best project or individual. It wouldnt be too
> difficult to set up a poll which people can suggest a project/person
> and vote on it. I am unemployed at the moment, but happy to contribute
> some funds. I am sure many others would be. It is another oppurtunity
> to give something back. What do you think?

Most of the major players already have PayPal or some similar donation
system, it would be nice if people used those. But I'm all in favor of
anything that can get some dinero moving towards Linux audio libre
software developers.


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