Re: [linux-audio-user] A couple of questions

From: Christoph Eckert <ce@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 18:46:48 EEST

> 1. Is there anywhere non programmers can suggest an application to be
> developed? I am sure there are many non programmers with great ideas
> lurking on this list.

What about

* An audio configuration tool as a replacement for alsaconf so newbies
get a better start with ALSA and jackd (Gui app or a backend library
which can be used by arbitrary frontends). I'd be interested in helping
if such a tool would be developed. Configuring modules, creating alsa
config file if necessary and probing jackd to create a basic jackd

* Simple and easy to use audio recording app based on ALSA and/or jackd
with input levelmeter and monitoring option

* Example/stub application for ALSA/jackd audio IO so developers stop
using OSS "because it is that simple to use"

* Example/stub application how to include the ALSA sequencer so
developers stop using OSS "because it is that simple to use"

Just my 2 Cents.

Best regards

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