[linux-audio-user] linuxsampler dapper packages

From: francisco echeverria <franciscoecheverria@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Apr 09 2006 - 10:00:45 EEST

hi all

i'm trying to load some stuff on qsampler but when i setup the
audio/output it looks like my soundcard is not there (not midi nor audio
options avialable)

when i try the same with jack running the only option for audio is alsa

below are the messages when first i try to create midi devices then
audio devices and finally try to load some .gig

is there something i can do ??

thanks in advance...

02:50:07.015 Client connecting...
02:50:07.018 Client receive timeout is set to 1000 msec.
02:50:07.020 Client connected.
02:50:07.021 New session: "Untitled1".
02:50:21.147 New Channel setup...
02:50:34.320 New MIDI device lscp_create_midi_device: Error opening ALSA
sequencer (errno=0)
02:50:34.321 New MIDI device Could not create device. Sorry.
02:50:43.797 New Audio device lscp_get_audio_driver_info:
AudioOutputDeviceAlsa (errno=0)
02:50:45.354 New Audio device lscp_create_audio_device:
AudioOutputDeviceAlsa (errno=0)
02:50:45.358 New Audio device Could not create device. Sorry.
02:50:59.746 Channel 0 added.
02:50:59.751 Channel 0 lscp_set_channel_audio_type:
AudioOutputDeviceAlsa (errno=0)
02:50:59.756 Channel 0 lscp_set_channel_midi_type: Error opening ALSA
sequencer (errno=0)
02:50:59.763 Channel 0 lscp_set_channel_midi_port: No MIDI input device
assigned. (errno=0)
02:50:59.765 Channel 0 lscp_set_channel_midi_channel: No MIDI input
device assigned. (errno=0)
02:50:59.769 Channel 0 Engine: GIG.
02:50:59.772 Channel 0 lscp_load_instrument: No audio output device
connected to sampler channel (errno=0)
02:50:59.774 Channel 0 Some channel settings could not be set. Sorry.
02:51:01.739 Channel 0 lscp_get_audio_device_info: ENGINE_NAME (errno=0)
02:51:01.742 Channel 0 lscp_get_midi_device_info: ENGINE_NAME (errno=0)
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