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From: Cesare Marilungo <cesare@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 02:32:45 EEST

Do you guys know about John Oswald and his Plunderphonic album:

Read the story on the website. The album (which is great, IMO) has been
made (back in 1989) exclusively and completely with samples from famous
musicians (Beatles, Michael Jackson, Metallica) recordings.

It's available for download from the link above. It's ok (I mean legal)
because it's no-profit.


Johannes Mario Ringheim wrote:

> Johannes Mario Ringheim wrote:
>> By the way, would you please mail me the sample of the clap-snare?
>> It's so
>> nice:)
> Here you go, a few bars of the drumtrack with the clap solo:
> I see there's been a debate on this recently, but have to mention:
> The clap+snare I sent you is made of one Rick James clap (the guy who
> made "Superfreak"), and a snare from some obscure german 7" with a guy
> called Alec something. In fact, most of the track I posted is made of
> samples from records. Sometimes just a bassdrum or clap, sometimes
> long takes lasting for 30 sec+.
> My reasoning is this:
> I heard (from a friend) that the guy who made "The grey album", wich
> was the acapella from Jay-Z's "Black" album mixed with The Beatles'
> "White" album, got sued by The Beatles' company. The Beatles lost,
> because Danger Mouse who made "The grey album" didn't earn any money
> from it.
> Now, I don't know if this story is true (....?), and couldn't find it
> mentioned on the wikipedia article
> ( as I was flying by, but I guess
> if I GOT sued, and I hadn't earned any money from it, they wouldn't
> have by far as good a case as if it was released as an ordinary album
> with many copies sold. I will investigate this further, but right now
> my eye is hurt and reading is a bit of a struggle...
> My solution (compromise) is using the CC by-nc-sa on works of mine
> that contain uncleared samples. If I got sued at least I hadn't used
> it commercially to earn money or allowed others to do so. This is a
> compromise, and having just heard the story about Danger Mouse through
> the grapevine, I've figured that for me personally I'm willing to take
> the chance.
> If you're willing to do that also go ahead and use the Rick James
> clap. ....Hell, it's just a clap... (Could be fair use, btw, but I
> dunno...)

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