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Johannes Mario Ringheim hat gesagt: // Johannes Mario Ringheim wrote:

> My solution (compromise) is using the CC by-nc-sa on works of mine that
> contain uncleared samples. If I got sued at least I hadn't used it
> commercially to earn money or allowed others to do so. This is a
> compromise, and having just heard the story about Danger Mouse through
> the grapevine, I've figured that for me personally I'm willing to take
> the chance.

Not directly related but as I'm currently reading "Accelerando" by
Charles Stross - highly recommended btw. - I like how he portraits
what the music industry looks like in 10 years:

    Welcome to the second decade of the twenty-first century; [...]
    The International Convention on Performing Rights is holding a
    third round of crisis talks in an attempt to stave off the final
    collapse of the WIPO music licensing regime. On the one hand,
    hard-liners representing the Copyright Control Association of
    America are pressing for restrictions on duplicating the altered
    emotional states associated with specific media performances: As a
    demonstration that they mean business, two "software engineers" in
    California have been kneecapped, tarred, feathered, and left for
    dead under placards accusing them of reverse-engineering movie
    plot lines using avatars of dead and out-of-copyright stars.
    On the opposite side of the fence, the Association of Free Artists
    are demanding the right of perform music in public without a
    recording contract, and are denouncing the CCAA as being a tool of
    Mafiya apparachiks who have bought it from the moribund music
    industry in an attempt to go legit. FBI Director Leonid Kuibyshev
    responds by denying that the Mafiya is a significant presence in
    the United States. But the music biz's position isn't strengthened
    by the near collapse of the legitimate American entertainment
    industry, which has been accelerating ever since the nasty

Ah, the future!

I didn't type this quote from my dead-tree copy of the book, I
copypasted it from where the whole text
of the novel is available as "Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs" licensed etext.

A must-read for every self-respecting copyleftwing revolutionary.


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