Re: [linux-audio-user] 64-bit AMD dual core mobo recommendations ?

From: Michael Pacey <michael@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 11:42:55 EEST


lanas said:
> Since the thread veered on Intel CPUs, is it possible that no-one is
> actually using an AMD dual-core CPU on Linux Audio ?

I am currently setting up a 2 x dual core opteron box for audio work. The
motherboard works well with Linux generally. It needs the
reverse-engeineered forcedeth driver for the network card but it's already
in all the distros I've tried (gentoo, ubuntu, debian, fedora, 64 studio).

My vendor had to install a beta BIOS in order to get ethernet working on
Ubuntu 6.06.


I'm afraid I can't comment on audio performance yet. I want to use the
latest versions of the usual apps so I've been trying gentoo with
pro-audio overlay. however I've found it very unstable. Ubuntu is stable
but the apps are a bit behind the bleeding edge. Debian likewise. I wanted
to try PlanetCCRMA but Fedora wouldn't install for some reason, never
liked RedHat distros anyway. I'm now trying to get 64 studio working, but
it doesn't like my stupid nvidia video card. I will persevere.

Once I've got a stable, satisfactory setup I plan to post my experiences


Michael Pacey
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