RE: [linux-audio-user] High sample rate cards

From: BJaY <bruceslists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Aug 26 2006 - 16:46:06 EEST

/Friday, August 25, 2006, 9:27:57 PM, you wrote:
/B> I'm looking to do some high sample rate stuff - 500kHz or more - for
/B> modulated ultrasonics experiments. Anyone know of a card that will do
this ?
/B> All I've seen is data aquisition cards that cost silly money, and the
/B> cards I've found seem to top out at 192kHz. Any pointers appreciated.

/Forget using sound cards for this. The main reason to do higher
/samplerates is to get a really flat filter response of the
/anti-aliasing filters in the audible range.
/So these filters would be your main problem if you want to go up in

/My guess is that you actually need a data-acquisition card for it.

/Then you'll need a proper amplifier and transducer for this...

/and then the question is how far these waves will actually go through
/air, as the higher the frequency the more the wave gets damped in the
/air (depending on humidity and temperature).

/From what angle are you doing this? What do you try to achieve?

/You may want to look at something called audio-spotlights. If I am not
/mistaken with that they do something with high frequency sound waves,
/where the audible sound is created by interference between two beams
/of those...

It's a psychoacoustics exercise - trying to generate a new musical
experience by combining 'normal' audio with ultrasonics - in a live setting.
All the D/A cards I've looked at seem to go well into the MHz range (though
I'm confused by the units they use 10MS/s=10Mhz ?), and cost hundereds of
pounds. I'm looking for somthing in the middle. Any info on amps/sounders
also apreciated, and of course I'd like to use it with linux audio software
so an ALSA driver for the device would be nice.

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