[linux-audio-user] Triggering Hydrogen patterns with keys

From: <juuso.alasuutari@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Aug 27 2006 - 20:27:00 EEST

Greetings, list. So far while playing with Hydrogen I've found out that:

1) I can set JACK transport off and program Hydrogen from a sequencer (trigger
drum hits in the piano roll), but it's unclear to me if Hydrogen is then
performing in realtime mode (from JACK's point of view) or not. Is it?
  This feature is nice, but I like Hydrogen's pattern editor much more than any
sequencer's piano/drum roll.

2) I can leave JACK transport on, in which case Hydrogen will play its song
score completely synced with the sequencer score. (If I start the sequencer
from 1:01, Hydrogen will start from 1:01, and so on.)
  This is cool, but I don't want to compose two different scores to create one

My question is: Can I simply create patterns in Hydrogen and map those to keys,
so that I could trigger patterns in the sequencer's piano roll? I'd love the
ability to start and stop any pattern at any point just by pressing and
releasing a key, and having it all in perfect JACK sync of course.

Please tell me this is possible! And if it's not, well, I guess the developers
can take this as a hint... :)

Best wishes,
Juuso Alasuutari

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