Re: [linux-audio-user] Snd enhancements

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Snd enhancements
From: Dave Phillips (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 17:11:29 EEST

Hi, Matti:

  I recall seeing this problem before, but at the time I thought it had
to do with an outdated Guile. Your version is correct, so I'm not sure
why you're having this problem. However, one way out is to comment out
the reference to fmv.scm. That file is for an FM violin, so unless you
really need that function you can safely delete references to it.

  I think Bill Schottstaedt reads this list, hopefully he'll comment on
this matter too.

  Btw, their is a possible collision going on: I have a new-effects.scm
in $HOME/my_scm/ and Bill has one in $HOME/snd-5/. I defer to his
version so you can rename mine to new-effects.scm.old or something
similar so it doesn't get loaded and run into Bill's file.

  Please let me know how you fare, I'll help you as much as I'm able...

Best regards,

== Dave Phillips

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Matti Sunell wrote:
> I have followed Dave's instuctions, but cannot get a properly enhanced
> Snd. When I say
> snd -l /home/matti/my_scm/misc.scm foo.wav
> Snd starts without the extra menus and gives the message
> [13:47:17] primitive-load-path: Unable to find file "fmv.scm" in load path
> ; (load "/home/matti/my_scm/misc.scm")
> (while loading "/home/matti/my_scm/misc.scm")
> My misc.scm is from the dp_scm package, I only changed this line to
> point to the snd-5 directory (and of course changed the paths to real
> directories):
> (load "/home/matti/snd-5/new-effects.scm")
> fmv.scm exists in the snd-5 directory. I even added
> (load "/home/matti/snd-5/fmv.scm")
> at the beginning of misc.scm, but it didn't help.
> And snd --help:
> matti_AT_llenux:~$ snd --help
> Snd is a sound editor. Peruse the 'help' menu or try the snd-help
> function for
> help.
> This is Snd version 5.11 of 16-May-02:
> Xen: 1.4, Guile: 1.5.6
> OSS 3.8.2
> Sndlib 16.3 (16-May-02, int24 samples)
> CLM 2.7 (6-May-02)
> Motif 2.1.30 X11R6
> Xpm 3.4.11
> with LADSPA
> with large file support
> Compiled May 17 2002 01:04:20
> C: 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)
> Libc: 2.2.5.stable
> Matti
> --
> Matti Sunell


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