[linux-audio-user] streaming web audio problems

From: anahata <anahata@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 01:09:32 EEST

This is a bit different from the usual stuff dicussed here, but somebody
may know how to help and it does concern Linux and audio.

The best way to describe the problem:
With Firefox, go to http://radiobritfolk.co.uk/launchbillboard.aspx

You should get music played iin the background as per displayed playlist.
Apparently it works for Windows and Mac users, but it doesn't work for
me and some other usrs with Firefox and Linux. Firefox complains
about missing plugins, and can't find a suitable one.

The site seems to attempt to use both the <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tag to get
streaming audio for the playlist. It's important for legal
copyright-related reasons that the music should play without the user
being able to download or rewind it - i.e. purely in the background.
The author (and organisation behind it, of which I'm part) can't afford
to put it on a proper streaming server. I can see it's done by embedding
a playlist as a .m3u file. I can play that with realaudio if I link
directly to a .m3u file (I've tested it on my own website).

If this is a problem that simple to fix on the server, that can be done.

If it helps, the relevant code on the page is like this:

<span id="lPlay">
        <object width='300' height='64'>
                <param name='src' value='billboard/PL_213.m3u'>
                <param name='autoplay' value='true'>
                <param name='controller' value='false'>
                <param name='hidden' value='true'>
                <embed src='billboard/PL_213.m3u' autostart='true'
                        hidden='true' loop='false' width='300'

The file name PL_213.m3u is randomly generated different each time the page is
visited, and each time it lists the same tracks in a different order.

Does anyone understand what's going on here?

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