Re: [linux-audio-user] laptop advice needed

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] laptop advice needed
From: iriXx (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 14:54:45 EEST

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hi Tobiah

getting slightly OT here - but you've had some luck geting crystal=20
semiconductors chips to run under ALSA?=20
i've got a thinkpad, which i got particularly for doing some laptop=20
techno/electronica... would probably be within this budget too as refurbs=
more affordable in the US than in the UK. nice machine, its a thinkpad 60=
366Mhz, does me just fine... not huge specs but reasonably powerful for w=
im doing.

problem is i'm really struggling with getting sound happening, i'm very c=
- - running 2.5.9 kernel with ALSA - i've read everything on the web abou=
configuring sound for a tp600e and still am not quite getting there.

so i just wondered if you'd had any experience with this on a thinkpad - =
whether you know of any problems / workarounds for the cs chips which you=
used in setting up your Dell .

thanx and best wishes


> > I have about US$1000 to spend
> Boy, tight budget. If you can, verify that
> someone has gotten the sound chip on the laptop
> that you do buy to work in full duplex stereo
> with ALSA drivers. I have a really nice Dell
> from my company that has a quirky crystal
> sound chipset. It is hard to get drivers to record
> in stero from it, and the pitch of playback is
> actually about a half-step off!
> Fortunately, I can specify granular sampling
> rates, and so I run at some strange rate like 45500
> or something and then it is very close to on pitch,
> but still I can't get it exact for want of a smaller
> increment.
> All in all, it hasn't been a pleasant sound
> experience, and so I am looking into the digidesign
> mbox, but that would be beyond your budget.
> Also, try to get the laptop into a quiet room
> to see whether it runs quietly. The hard drive
> noise can be loud enough to bleed into quiet recordings.
> Also, in my experience, the thinkpads will crunch floats
> significantly faster than many other laptops with
> equivalent clock speeds.
> Tobiah

- --=20

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